Ryōzanpaku Dojo

101 Plaza Drive  
Joplin, Missouri 64804
(Inside The Learning Tree)


6:45-7:15pm All Ages
6:15-6:45 Ages 4-12
6:50-7:20 Ages 13+
*Private Lessons by Appointment*

Before Class: Stretching is typically done before class starts so that more time can be dedicated to training.

Beginning of class: Beginners start off with rolls and break-falls while intermediate and advanced students start weapons or kata.

Early middle class: Kata is the meat of all of our classes.  To us, it is the most important part of karate.

Later middle class: Light contact sparring is done for fitness and reflexes in our school. Violence is the last thought when sparring.

End of class: Usually this is a brief discussion on what we have worked on, and maybe a few self-defense techniques.

After class: If students are competing in an upcoming tournament, they may be allowed to stay after class to work further on forms.

Larger classes may be split in the future so that students can get more one-on-one time.

101 Plaza drive, joplin, mo 64804