Ryōzanpaku Dojo    Kata, Kumite, Kobudo, Hojo Undō, Eiyō   







Mondays- 6:15-7:00pm All Ages
Thursdays- 6:15-7:00pm All Ages

Before Class: Stretching is typically done before class starts so that more time can be dedicated to training.
Beginning of class: Beginners work rolls & break-falls. Intermediate/advanced students on weapons/kata.
Early middle class: Kata is the meat of all of our classes.  To us, it is the most important part of karate.
Later middle class: Light sparring for beginners. Heavy sparring for intermediate/advanced.
End of class: A brief discussion on what we have worked on, and maybe a few self-defense techniques.
After class: Tournament preparation.

Private lessons available to all students in all classes.

Mixed martial arts lessons are private and semi-private only.

Usual availability:

Tuesdays- 7:00-10:00pm Ages 16-60

Wednesdays- 7:00-10:00pm Ages 16-60

Fridays- 7:00-10:00pm Ages 16-60

Saturdays- 1:00-6:00pm Ages 16-60

The training program is highly dependent on the individual student. It is only available for Karate students that have at least one year of experience and a 8th Kyu or higher rank.

Training camps happen in the months leading up to a fight and will not be private. For more information, come visit with us!