Ryōzanpaku Dojo

101 Plaza Drive  Joplin, Missouri
(Inside The Learning Tree)

Sensei Heckmaster

     Sensei Andrew Heckmaster began his studies in the martial art at age twelve. After Experimenting in styles such as Kuk Sool Won, Judo and others, he started his formal study of Kempo & Goju Karate at the age of twenty while concurrently studying Kobayashi-Ryu.
     At twenty-two, the year he received his black belt, Sensei Heckmaster's good friend Michael Kean started studying a different martial art. His style was Tai Chi. Sensei Heckmaster saw the positive effects of Tai Chi and began applying them to his training. The complementary soft style worked with his harder karate.
     At twenty-three, Sensei Heckmaster added Kobudo to his arsenal. The additional weapons training, and the soft movements have made Sensei Heckmaster a more well-rounded martial artist.
     Today, Sensei Heckmaster's style of Saru-Kai Kempo & Goju is based on the fundamentals and 12-kata curriculum of Okinawan Goju-Ryu. Some changes have been made to the Sanchin and Tensho kata, and there are additional kata that include Passai and Kusanku.
     Exercises and stretches have also been added to the training program that include soft Tai Chi movements as well as Qigong.