Ryōzanpaku Dojo

101 Plaza Drive  Joplin, Missouri
(Inside The Learning Tree)

Ryōzanpaku Dojo Home Page

     Ryōzanpaku Dojo is a martial arts school that teaches the fundamentals of fitness, discipline, self-defense, and respect.  Our classes are strongly focused on three things: Kata (Forms), Kumite (Sparring) and Kobudo (Weapons).  Everything else is more-or-less an extension of those three things.  Our cirriculum also contains the basics of falling, joint-locking, pressure points, grappling, and throwing.

     The official style taught at Ryōzanpaku Dojo is Saru-Kai Kempo & Goju Karate.  The Parent style is Kempo & Goju Karate originally developed by Supreme Grandmaster Erron Wright Sr. (10th Dan).  Check our lineage for more about Ryōzanpaku Dojo's pedigree.

     If you would like to know more, send us a message or drop by the dojo during class time.  We would love to have you!


      Ryōzanpaku Dojo now offers MMA for students that have been in Karate for at least one year! We are also starting a Women's Self Defense Program in the near-future. Message us for more details!